Dual Key Home Builders Forster

Dual Key Home Builders Forster

Build a Duel Key Home and Increase your Income

Enjoy two rental incomes without sacrificing privacy or separation space. Our Dual Key Home Builders Forster are experts in multi-dwelling construction and creating the perfect living environment for you and your tenants. We guide you through the entire planning and building process – from establishing feasible floor plans, interior and exterior design, applying for building permits, conforming to council regulations, estimating site costs and hiring builders.

Dual Key Home Builders Forster

Floor Planning and Design

Our dual key properties combine the comfort of a shared entertainment, kitchen, bedroom and dining area – along with a separate private dwelling containing an additional bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. We work within the scope of your land and adhere to your vision, to establish a plan that complies with council regulations and delivers a personalised living space.

To assist you with design choices, we offer a wide range of modern and heritage-style colour schemes for your property. And to complement your colour selection, each fixture around the home is customised to match your style and taste, including kitchen cabinets, front & backdoors, windows, fencing, entertainment areas, backyards and more.

Dual Key Home Builders Forster

Financial Support

Applying for loans is a daunting task, but with the help of our financial advisors – we negotiate with the right lenders to acquire the best terms and rates for you.

Our advisors have a wealth of experience in the banking sector and understand the importance of a positive working relationship with lenders who understand the property market.

Council Regulations and Building Permits

We take the stress out of building preparations, by streamlining the approval process from local councils and acquiring building permits. We present council members with property plans and work together to negotiate the best deal on your behalf.

Once a mutual agreement has been reached between both parties, we put forth a contract for you to sign and go through the process of acquiring a building permit.

Hiring Builders and Progress Updates

Our Dual Key Home Builders Forster are sourced from reputable providers such as Master Builders, HIA, Dowell and Lafarge Plasterboard. We establish a fixed work schedule, budget and deadline with our builders, to ensure each property is completed on time and without exceeding the agreed costs.

Once building begins, we keep you updated on each aspect of the construction phase and we arrange regular site inspections for you. You can also contact us at any time regarding questions or queries you have.

Request a Free Quote from Us

With our team of passionate designers, financial advisors and network of Dual Key Home Builders Forster; we guide you through every step of the planning and building process. We have a track record of many successful property developments, which has given us the enviable reputation of building some of Australia’s most recognizable homes. For all enquiries about our planning and building services, request a FREE quote from us by emailing aushomes@hotmail.com or book an appointment with us on 0418 572 256.

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